Fascia Facial

Fascia Facial

Making best use of Chinese Medicine theory, Fascia Facial is one of effective and efficient way to revive you to become beauty.

What is Fascia Facial?

Fascia Facial is a deep massage method. According to the principle of meridian, from the point, the line and the surface, from the inside to the outside, through the ergonomically designed tools, it penetrates into the muscles and fascia tissues to cause air resistance and adhesion of the fascia. 

Fascia Facial applies Chinese medicine technique stick to loosen muscle knots, eliminate toxins and necrotic cells, regulate and remove blood stasis, and can completely solve skin dullness, looseness, acne, enhancing skin immunity, improving skin tone and keeping skin healthy for a long time.
  • 1. Open up the blocked meridian, so that the blood can run smoothly.
  • 2. Relieve pain in the area.
  • 3. Increase metabolism rate and increase tissue repair.
  • 4. Regulate the disordered endocrine system by dredging the part.
  • 5. Promote blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism, have a good thin face and light spot effect, brighten the complexion, also known as “beauty and tendons”.
  • 1. Regulate the liver meridian, regulate the liver’s detoxification function, enhance resistance, and prevent sensitivity.
  • 2. Regulate the heart meridian, regulate the blood supply function of the heart, and improve the dryness of the skin due to lack of moisture.
  • 3. Regulate the spleen meridian, and regulate the symptoms of dark yellow face and lack of nutrition caused by the decline of spleen function.
  • 4. Regulate the lung meridian, and regulate the large pores caused by the decline of lung function.
  • 5. Regulate the kidney meridian, and regulate eye bags and dull complexion caused by decreased renal function.

Fascia Facial

is equivalent to farming the skin completely before absorbing and achieving the desired effect.

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